Meet Brett Konken, Right Cylinder Head

Brett Konken, of Beach Park, IL is in charge of the right side cylinder head for Kyle Wurtzel racing.

In his real life, Brett is an engineering technician responsible for large utility boilers, pumps, air compressors and is involved with utility projects from conception to completion. Like his brother, Jeff, Brett grew interested in motorsports from going to a local dirt track in his youth. In 2006, he worked with T.J. Zizzo’s top fuel team and has worked with four other top fuel teams since.

Brett’s favorite part of being on the crew is as he notes, “the challenge of working quickly, with no mistakes, to ensure the driver has a car that is safe.” Brett would like to also thank Kyle for the opportunity as well as thanking his wife, Sita, for her support.

A big thank you to Brett for his hard work and dedication to the team!