The Technical Side of Drag Racing: The Fuel Tank

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that offered suggestions for the blog on my Facebook page. Please keep them coming and I'll continue to post content that is meaningful to you!

I often get asked about the technical side of the car. The easiest way to talk about that is to start with the front of the car and work our way to the back in other blog posts. This week, I'll discuss the  fuel tank.

I know that many of you will laugh, but I know a couple of tuners who have one particular fuel tank they like and when they switch cars during the year, that tank goes to the new chassis.

My tank holds 15 gallons of fuel. Most tanks will have a baffle to prevent cavitation. During the warm up, we typically burn about 4-5 gallons of fuel and during the run about 12-13. Nitro weighs about 9 pounds per gallon, so it is a heavy liquid. Every time I fill the tank for the run, I always try to put in the same amount of fuel, in order to keep the weight of the car the same.

Next week, we will work our way back to the clutch management system!