Season Wrap Up: Charlotte

Our race in Charlotte was a planned weekend to learn how to run the car harder and figure out how to get in the 3.70’s.  Our game plan for Q1 was to set up the car to run what we normally do, which is a high 80 to low 90. 

In the first round, we ran 3.90 seconds and I shut it off at 3.7 second. With that number on the board, we knew we were comfortably in the show.  So, we spent the next 3 qualifying runs trying things we have never ventured to do in the clutch department. 

The car did show us promise that it can and will run in the 70’s very soon and it responded favorably with every change we made. The short track numbers were great, but we couldn’t get the pistons to live past half track.  Each run we worked on the fuel system and it did get better, but we weren’t able to successfully pull it off. 

On Sunday, our game plan was to back the tune up off a little bit and try to run a low 80 to make sure we went down the track and if Clay messed up, we would win. Unfortunately, I got a little too anxious on the starting line.  As we were both staged, I began to push on the throttle anticipating the tree.  Well my brain caught up and said no so I let off the throttle and then of course the tree came down.  So my reaction time was atypical and the run was messed up because of the rpm changes at launch.  I felt horrible to let my team down because Clay was definitely vulnerable to be put on the trailer.  However, overall I would say we had a good weekend and really learned a lot to start making this car perform more in line where it should be.

We are looking forward to next summer as we decide what races are optimal for myself and my team. Please keep checking this site and our Facebook page for updates in the off season.